About Trish

During High School I began working for our family’s floral business, on the weekends and summer. I enjoyed it so much. My Aunt was very patient and teaching me how to arrange flowers, and prepare the flowers when they arrived. I was very impressed when the Shop started selling my arrangements. Due to economic issues my family had to sell the business. Once I completed high school I began a career in an office as secretary then into computer operations. I became a wife and mother. After my Divorce in order to make a living for my children I stayed in the computer field. I moved from Texas to Virginia I went to Computer Learning Center became a programmer then LAN System Administrator Windows/Novell.

After years of computers and my two daughters were grown I began to open my creative mind again by doing Showers and Wedding events for family and friends. I realized that I still had a real desire for floral arrangements and seeing the joy when I completed the events and all the compliments I received.

My youngest daughter was having a small wedding having been a single parent for 20 years there was no real savings for this. With a very small  budget I did the whole wedding on my own and it turned out amazing.  A little later my other daughter got married in a hotel and was a much bigger task and still could not afford a florist or wedding planner. So I set out on this journey to do this wedding ceremony and reception myself.  Once I completed the decorations and the wedding began I looked at everything and thought to myself someone else had to have done this it was to beautiful. The ceremony was outdoors in a garden of the Hotel it turned out to be very windy and cold there were lots of challenges to get the décor to stay in place but I resolved the issues.  The reception was held inside a ballroom. Once I saw the reception ballroom with all the lights and décor it would take your breath away. Doing all of this while being the mother of the bride is not something I would try again.

I found my passion and desire, to make my world more beautiful and fulfilling by helping Brides and Grooms have their dreams come to life and a little less stressful. I hope I can use my skills and experience to help you have the wedding you always wanted.